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Submeet – Incontrarsi per Crescere is a no-profit organization established to promote transnational mobility in the areas of education and vocational training. Our organization is located/positioned between the school and the labour market, mainly working through the new European program Erasmus+.



  •  supporting learners in the acquisition of competences with a view to improving their personal development and employability in the   European  Labour Market;

  •  supporting the professional development of those who work in education, training and youth with a view to innovating and improving the   quality of teaching, training and youth work around Europe.

  •  raise participants' awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries;

  •  reinforcing synergies and transitions between formal, non-formal education, vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship;

  •  ensuring a better recognition of competences gained through learning periods spent abroad.

  •  Thanks to the long experience of its members in the field of socio-educational policies, Submeet boasts an extensive network of contacts at   local, national and European levels: health care authorities, local and regional bodies, residential care structures, schools of all levels and   local associations.




We work with all organisations active in the following fields:

  •  social and health care: social operators, health care professionals, cultural mediators;

  •  school education: school leaders, teachers and staff, pupils in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, vocational and technical   schools;

  •  world of work: SMEs, big enterprises, industrial associations, public entities active in the work policies (regional and local authorities),   employment centres;

  •  adult education: members of adult education, trainers, staff and learners in adult education;

  •  youth: young people from 13 to 30, youth workers, staff members organisations

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